Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thing #46 - Stixy

Part One: is a fun site and could actually really help people's organization.  I too have plenty of post it notes either on the cabinet on my desk or in the drawer.  The site was really easy to use and being able to add pictures, notes and documents is a lot of fun.   

Part Two:

I think this site would be a good tool for anybody in the library to use.  It's great for organization or to just get your thoughts out there.  If you got a lot of people involved it could be a great forum for opinions to be put forth confidentially.  It would be great for staff or the community to be able to post their ideas about what can be improved about the library.

Here's a board I made for Ideas for the Library:
Password: librarytime


  1. I like your Stixy board with ideas for the library! What is it about libraries and orange carpet?

  2. Thanks, yeah i think most the libraries around here were built at the height of orange carpet popularity. :)

  3. To keep the orange theme going, last time I as there the Axe Library at Pittsburgh State University (KS) still had all the orange carpet along with orange signage. The one that point out where the "phonorecordings" were was a classic.

  4. @Michael, yep, it's an epidemic. Nebraska academic libraries just seem to love the orange carpet and I don't think we'll see the end of it any time soon.